More Than Sunshine and Rainbows

7 Oct

So I’ve been reading this book that a friend lent me called Love Does. The basic premise of the story is that to live a life of love you have to be bold. You can’t think about loving or talk about loving, but act in such a way that in all you do you exude love…even when it’s messy and difficult.

This isn’t so easy. But I’ve been working on it.



I’ve taken to loving the universe at random times throughout my day…usually when I’m walking around the city. I put my arms in the air in a gesture of gratitude for all I am and all I’ve been given. I remind myself that I am love, and love does. This gesture grounds me, orienting me towards love.

This week, however, I’ve begun to see that while love is easy to talk about, it’s the whole doing part that isn’t always easy. I’ve learned this lesson in two ways: running and an argument.

I have a fear of running. I can’t stand it, really. I don’t think I have the physical capacity to be a distance runner, let alone the mental stamina to get the job done. I’ve even started to have dreams that I physically cannot run. So, naturally, I figured that meant I had to start….we’re supposed to do the things we think we can’t, right?

So I’ve been running. And let me tell you, running in theory is a lot more enjoyable than actually running. I sweat like a pig and feel like I’m going to pass out every time I come back from a run. It’s a challenge and it takes a willpower that I don’t quite have yet. But I’m working on it. And besides, my dad wants to do a 5k together in two weeks, and I can’t let him go it alone. Love takes commitment. Love does.

This week I learned a lesson in what it means to apologize and forgive. I acted irrationally towards a friend and owed her an apology, and in turn was asked for forgiveness for her irrational act. It was nothing detrimental on either of our parts, but because of our love for one another we were both hurt. Arguments aren’t fun or neat. We talk about forgiveness and apologies all the time, but to actually do so is difficult and humbling and can be pretty scary. But we can’t just talk about apologizing and forgiving. Love doesn’t sit idly by and watch someone hurt without resolve. Love does. So we apologized, and we forgave.

Listening to God is easy when all you hear is sunshine and rainbows. I can throw my arms in the air and be grateful for the beautiful sky above my head any day. But to conjure that gratitude during a run when my legs are burning, or after an argument that helped me grow, that’s what love does.

And that’s what I want to do.



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