And Sometimes I Rhyme

2 Oct

Every morning and every afternoon I have a 30 minute bus ride to myself. Sometimes I talk on the phone to friends back home, sometimes I stare blankly off into space, sometimes I strike up conversations with my fellow bus-lovers. And sometimes I write.

Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed thinking in rhyme. In grade school those rhymes turned into little poems—my mini-self filled notebooks with poetry. As I began to grow older, those rhymes became a little more mature, and I began writing spoken word, usually with theological or social justice undertones. But, every so often, like when I’m staring out the window of a bus, my mind reverts back to middle school, and out come the couplets.

So today I put those couplets into verse, and I wrote an Ode to The Pitt Pals. So sit back, pretend you’re seven and rhymes are exciting, and get to know my housemates just a little bit better.


Ode to the Pitt Pals

I reference them often, but “who are they??” you may ask.

It’s time to introduce the Pitt Pals, so sit back and relax.

11 kids and 10 cities, we’re from far and near,

All crazy enough to dive into this adventure for a year.

I’ll break us up by house, but must clearly say,

We have two houses but one home, they’re just six blocks away.

I’ll introduce the kiddos, a description may be nice,

Of who I share my life with in this Pennsylvania life.

First I’ll start with Christopher, and his beloved Notre Dame,

He goes to bed by 9, so Grandpa is his name.

Next we have Wes, the history buff,

But it’s in the kitchen that he really knows his stuff.

Christina is from Boston, her accent’s wicked sick,

Ask to see her dance moves, her dougie is legit.

Sean is my 4th housemate, he’s Change a Heart year two,

If you ever need anything Sean is there for you.

Throw me in the mix, and we make up Milgate Street,

So let’s head down to Edmond where there’s six more pals to meet.

Joy is “house mom”—she cooks like a pro,

Then brings us to Cathedral for some time at H2O.

Rachel likes to snuggle and curl up like a bug,

You can always count on Rachel for a reassuring hug.

I think Kelly’s the craziest—though it takes some  time to tell,

But when you play the Wobble she bursts right out her shell.

Sarah’s my fellow wanderer, she’s never sitting still,

She seeks adventure in her heart, and will never get her fill.

Next we move to Amy, from a Minnesotan farm,

She warms the hearts of all with her small town country charm.

Lastly we have Kim, the music connoisseur,

This one’s got a heart of gold and always knows the Packer’s score.

Together we’re The Pitt Pals and we’re here to get things done,

But in between that service we promise we are fun!


(The thing about community, is that love’s what we’re about,

So it’s okay this poem is corny, they cannot kick me out!)


 Milgate Family Photo

Until next time, friends  🙂 




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